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Manziel Law Offices represents and advises hospitals and other medical providers in the area of maximizing commercial reimbursement.  Representation includes the handling of claims against a multitude of payers and/or resources, including  but not limited to managed and non-managed care payers, ERISA plans, workers’ compensation carriers and plans, estate and probate claims, organizations, in bankruptcy, etc.  Our firm can assist with initiation the claim, appeal for delayed or denied claims payment, and/or litigate for payment when payers play hardball and refuse to make rightful payment according to plan terms.  This law firm represents primarily medical organizations, but we also represent individuals who experience problems with insurance payers refusing to pay claims after hard-earned premiums have been paid for peace of mind.  Some of our clients include the following:               

  • Hospitals
  • Physician Practice Groups
  • Healthcare Provider Alliances
  • Specialty Providers
  • Hospices
  • Rehabilitation Facilities
  • Patient Financial Services
  • Patient Accounts
  • Business Office or Business Services
  • Regional Business Office (RBO)
  • Consolidated Patient Account Center or Business Office (CPAC or CBO)
  • Virtual Business Office (VBO)
  • Individuals

Over more than the past three decades, our primary focus has remained to maximize commercial recovery while maintaining respect for client costs/expenses.  Although medical providers’ revenue stream is incredibly important, so too are the A/R days.  Approaching delayed and denied claims promptly assists with the challenges involved in keeping days at a minimum.  It also helps to ensure you timely meet condition precedents to filing suit.  In ERISA claims, ensuring a thorough records is of utmost importance.  Overall, maximizing recoveries requires timely action to ensure all aspects are handled within specified time constraints involved not only in the initiation of suit, but in the appeals process, pre-suit.

We welcome the privilege to discuss business with you and/or your medical organization’s representative.

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Representing medical providers for over three decades in the area of maximizing healthcare commercial claims reimbursement.