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Hospitals, physician groups, and other medical providers’ rights and remedies are governed by the admission forms signed by injured individuals and other patients who enter the hospital for medical treatment.  The hospital and the patients’ rights are governed by these admission forms/contacts. Accordingly, it is imperative to ensure that these contracts are reviewed from a legal perspective to assist with language pertinent to assignment of insurance of health and related benefits, appealing of claims, financial responsibility, and other pertinent provisions that all affect the hospital’s right to maximize reimbursement, avoid insurance claims’ delays and denials of healthcare claims payment, clarification of patient obligations, and detailing other rights and remedies that are crucial to protecting the medical providers.  Manziel Law Offices focuses on incorporating contractual provisions to assist with avoidance of delays and denials of healthcare and insurance group, ACA marketplace, and individual claims payments, timely insurance claims payment, and maximizing reimbursement. This process is achieved by the incorporation of thorough and effective language in the admissions and consent to treatment form.  Again, in representing hospitals and other medical providers for more than three decades, Manziel Law Offices has the experience to recognize pitfalls in these contracts and to make the necessary contractual provision additions and revisions to protect the healthcare providers’ rights and remedies.